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What idea does your institution want to advance?

This comment was posted in response to an article by Paul Redfern in Inside Higher Education about brand development, specifically the long-standing and successful brand work done at Gettysburg College. The story was then picked up by Elephant Creative, a UK marketing firm.  The Cognitive Marketing team is very proud of the Gettysburg College brand—not just ourRead more

Embracing Change Without Losing Your Soul

Every college and university is under pressure to evolve in response to the changing market for higher education, but for some, the evolution that is necessary to re-establish institutional viability seems more like a revolution. How do schools make “revolutionary” changes without losing their institutional integrity, or, if you will, their souls? If, for instance, youRead more

Five Takeaways From CASE Summit 2014

1. Ideas Trump Loyalty:  John Sexton, President of New York University, led an interactive session entitled “A Whole New World,” in which he posited that while a time traveler arriving today from one hundred years ago, or even from Oxford and Cambridge one thousand years ago, would likely recognize our universities and colleges as littleRead more

Effective Stories Take Risks

Improving storytelling is not just a simple matter of ensuring the college or university is portrayed as a catalyst or important ‘character’ within each story; it’s also about being bolder, braver, and more willing to create tension. Dramatic story telling involves protagonists and antagonists, good and evil, conflict and resolution. Too many stories written forRead more

Making Institutional Storytelling More Effective

Storytelling is all the rage these days in college and university marketing. Rather than endless promotional writing extolling the virtues of the institution itself, it’s understood now that it’s better to “prove” those virtues by telling the stories of inspired faculty, gifted students and successful alumni. Stories of human accomplishment are certainly more interesting toRead more

Four Simple Habits of Great Brand Schools

If you were to ask a room of people interested in higher education to fill in a blank sheet of paper with 20 of the best-known schools in the country, it’s likely we would see a considerable amount of agreement as to the identity of those schools. These institutions would represent educational “brands” that haveRead more